Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework: Introduction

  • June 15, 2019
    10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Get your spot in this community event – to support and partner with parents to achieve the best outcomes for kids.

Strengthening Families™ is a national, research-informed, strength-based approach with the goal to promote child and family well-being.  It is based on engaging families, programs and communities in building five protective factors that help families succeed and thrive, even in the face of risk and challenges.

The five protective factors at the foundation of Strengthening Families are:

Parental Resilience:  The ability to recover from difficult life experiences, and often to be strengthened by and even transformed by those experiences.

Social Connections:  The ability and opportunity to develop positive relationships that lessen stress and isolation and help to build a supportive network.

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development:  The ability to exercise effective parenting strategies to guide and know what to expect as children develop in multiple domains (physical, cognitive, language and social and emotional).

Concrete Support in Times of Need:  Access to supports and services that reduces stress and helps to make families stronger.

Social and Emotional Competence of Children: Family and child interactions that help children develop the ability to communicate clearly, recognize and regulate their emotion and establish and maintain relationships.


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