Advocacy & Awareness

Strong belief ~ Expert Knowledge ~ Speaking Out

"Most people advocate for something every day of their lives. It is our nature when we believe in something or have a passion for the issue."

~Sessy I. Nyman

What Concerns You?

Worthy Wages  

Childcare Costs

Professional Respect

Parent Participation

Unified Profession 

 Paid Family Leave 

Early Childhood Awareness

Reliable Childcare

Childcare Quality

Family-Friendly Employment Policies


These Concern Us Too!

4Kids~Support, Achieve, Thrive works to bring awareness around these issues and advocate to influence change.

4Kids Will...

~ Share our knowledge and resources in regard to early childhood topics and issues. 

~ Stay informed and engaged on early childhood topics and issues. 

~ Encourage and support ways to advocate and bring about awareness.

~ Be part of and support events, organizations, and campaigns that promote topics and issues for children, families and the early childhood field.

~ Ask for and listen to your concerns and ideas to take action and elicit real change. 

You can influence the work that needs to be done for children, families and the early childhood field.  

Together we can bring about awareness and change. 

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