"You must first teach a child he is loved, only then is he ready to learn everything else."

We are bold, passionate early childhood experts and advocates with“crazy” ideas to ensure children have happy, healthy, nurturing childhoods.  A successful childhood carries children into the future, where they become productive, happy, healthy adults.

Before birth through 8 years-old (3rd grade)is a crucial time in a child’s life. Everything, bodies, minds, and emotions are developing at rapid rates. We only have one chance to get it right!   Thus, our tenacity for advocating, supporting, and assisting those that care for children, works on behalf of children, or simply has a genuine concern for children.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approaches in addition, to our persistence to find and try solutions until something works. We would love to hear from you and talk with you about your needs, challenges, and hopes. 

We believe so much in the foundation of the early years, and we know you, those that care for and about children, have the greatest power to influence the outcomes of childhood. Together we can continue to improve early childhood experiences for children.

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