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4Kids~Support, Achieve, Thrive is a 501 (c) (3)

Est. 2015 ~ Sheridan, Wyoming

About Us

We are bold, passionate early childhood experts and advocates with “crazy” ideas to ensure children have happy, healthy, nurturing childhoods. 

We have a tenacity for advocating, supporting, and assisting those that care for children, works on behalf of children, or simply has a genuine concern for children.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approaches and our persistence to find and try solutions until something works.

We believe so much in the foundation of the early years, we know those that care for and about children, have the greatest power to influence the best outcomes of childhood. 

Together we can continue to improve early childhood experiences for children.

We would love to hear from you and talk with you about anything early childhood!

Let's Talk

The Founders, Executive Team, and Trainers/Coaches

Lynn Gordon, MS, LPC, NCC, EFL, RYT

"Singapore or Bust"

Lynn’s ambitious attitude, innovative vision, and willful determination to make things happen are exactly what is needed for change in early childhood settings! 

Her dedication to children is evident in her 45+ career, whether as a classroom teacher, elementary counselor, or clinical counselor to children, their parents, other family members, caregivers or teachers.

She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Educational Psychology.  She maintains three certifications with the Wyoming Department of Education – Elementary Education, Middle School Education, and K-12 Counseling.

Lynn is a licensed clinical counselor with her own private practice, Family and Personal Wellness.  She works in a variety of settings like early childhood, equine, veterans, caregivers, and senior citizens. In addition, she is the Training Director for Quantum NLP, a professional training program, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lynn truly believes children REALLY are our future and it does “take a village” to raise them. She loves seeing children AND adults learn and come to an understanding that they are loveable and capable people.

She has made it a professional goal to share her knowledge with everyone especially; childcare providers, parents, and communities to make a difference.

She also loves fine dark chocolate, NO nuts!

Rachel Huckfeldt, BS

"It's in the Details"

Rachel’s watchdog mindset is in your favor.  She is very much aware of the troubling issues in the early childhood field and is fiercely committed to improvement. She is especially keen on advocating for professional respect and adequate compensation for the remarkable childcare workers that care for our children. 

Rachel has been working with children of all ages for 20+ years in various settings from schools and child cares to mental health and government organizations. She has affection for the early childhood years; these are foundational years that shape the rest of life.

She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Community and Human Services. Rachel is a fully certified PITC (Program for Infant and Toddler Care) trainer. PITC is a well-respected and widely used training program for infant/toddler caregivers in the country. It is the training used to earn the Wyoming Infant/Toddler Credential.  

Rachel enjoys providing training and support that leads to professional growth – increasing the knowledge and skills of those that care for children. She has offered many trainings on topics like: Social-emotional, guidance and discipline, cognitive development, special needs,  brain development, cultural sensitivity, partnerships with parents, and many more.

Currently, she is doing her dream job, living the mom life!  In her free time, she shares her early childhood expertise by doing freelance writing, consulting, and training.


Shellie Szmyd, OTR/L

"Sensation is the Foundation"

Shellie is a role model worth looking up to!  Her natural regard for how to care for and support children is inspiring. Shellie knows that if you nurture, get to know a child, and genuinely like kids, you can be the best thing to ensure healthy, happy, development. 

Shellie is a pediatric occupational therapist.After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 1988, she worked in schools in Colorado and New Mexico.  She returned home, to Sheridan, WY, in 2007, where she worked at the Child Development Center.

Throughout her 30+ career, she recognized educational settings couldn’t provide the intensity of therapy needed to help children succeed across all environments.

She opened, Sensational Kids, LLC, a pediatric clinic specializing in the treatment of 

Sensory Processing Disorder in Sheridan, WY in 2010.  She has clinics in Cheyenne, Casper, and Gillette.

Shellie wants everyone, including childcare providers, parents, schools, and communities to understand sensory issues and challenges.  She freely gives her expert knowledge by providing trainings and coaching. 

Theo Powers, BS

"Let Them Play"

When you think about early childhood in Sheridan, you think of Theo! Her children helped her to realize her life calling, more than 45 years ago!

She has seen and been part of the many trends, practices, and beliefs regarding early childhood. However, she has remained steadfast in her belief that children learn best through play!  Finally, almost five decades later, this is a national best practice! 

She started her professional teaching as a preschool teacher in 1978.  In 1986, she started I Can Preschool and it continues today, providing preschool for the families of Sheridan.

Theo received a Bachelor of Science degree in professional child development from the University of Wyoming in 2004. She is a registered STARS trainer, providing professional development trainings locally and throughout Wyoming.

Theo is a Professional Development Specialist (PDS) for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credentialing.  

As an early childhood education expert, Theo continues to share her passion for providing quality, loving care, in a safe, fun learning environment for the children in Sheridan.

Our Board

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Our Staff

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