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4Kids combines training and coaching for the childcare professional. Beginning with the very young child, it lays the "foundation" for life.

Our Goal at 4kids is to provide information, training for childcare providers and parents to support children’s’ development using the most important and beneficial tools and resources.

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Cowboy Conference

Learn more about the Cowboy State Early Childhood Conference. Find printable handouts and more information by clicking this button.

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4Kids is accepting applications for the 2018 session.

Our Purpose


The mission of 4Kids is to support and sustain the young child, his or her family, and childcare professionals by providing educational training and best practices that nurture, guide and empower all to succeed.

Core Values



4Kids vision is to provide services and support for all segments of the early childhood community.

Our Goals

Helping to create positive, nurturing relationships from primary caregivers to children in the early years.